Italian Mate is the portal which Target Motivation has created for travellers from around the globe who want to get to know and experience Italy in the most authentic way, not as a tourist but as a local. The idea is to offer unmissable tours and unforgettable experiences, exactly as if they were proposed by an Italian mate who loves their country and has a great feeling for everything which is genuine and worth experiencing, but also has a taste for the unusual which must be tried at first hand.

We want to show people every Italian locality as it is seen by those of us who live here and love it. We are the first to try out each of the experiences we propose. The rule is: if it isn’t Italian enough for us, it can’t be for our customers. Moreover, we guarantee the peace of mind that only an expert who knows the place can provide. We can negotiate advantageous and exclusive rates and conditions without any intermediaries for all the necessary hospitality services: hotels, transport, restaurants. And we are always on hand to sort out those small inconveniences which can interfere with a beautiful journey.
With the Prima Fila (First Row) formula, each tour is designed for a maximum of 8 people, so that each of them can enjoy the experience face to face with the beauty and the wonder of being in Italy.
We choose our guides and our travel companions so that whoever travels with us can get their head out of the usual map for tourists. We have selected them one by one, in each region and city, on the basis of their competence, but also their friendly nature.

Italian Mate is also at the service of foreign Tour Operators for any type of individual travel, whether purchased directly from our website or studied based on the request and needs of travelers.

All this is in complete compliance with the principles of Made in Italy …or as we prefer to call it: Mate in Italy.