Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy
Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy

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The success of an event is achieved when you know how to communicate well!

Doing well and let them know, is the key of communication strategies elaborated by Target Motivation, and of each step taken to give visibility of the brand and products of the client.

Clear information and visual appeal are the main ingredient of marketing strategy that aim to the building of a strong identity. The result can be reach with an action that in not only limited to the brochure but that involves advertising aimed to global positioning of products and services. This communication plan, through the restyling of the image, brings an increase in sales.

Thanks to a team of specialized copywriter, designer and graphic designers, Target Motivation shares, elaborates and makes clear what every day joins the wishes and needs of the consumer.

The service of Target Motivation for corporate communication

The creation of an advertising campaign, go through the analysis of company’s identity and values, only afterwards only afterwards we proceed to planning, defining times and methods with the customer.

Once the communication objectives have been established, Target Motivation can proceed with the development of an integrated communication plan and the creation of brochures, company catalogs, graphic layouts, magazines. The work production of Target Motivation is not limited to the paper format: it also takes care of online communication, web graphics and websites.

The process of communication company develops national and international communication plans, with targeted campaigns to the audience. The goals are achieved with the coordinated action of professionals and the continuous verification of the effects of planned actions.

Target Motivation supports companies in the defining of brand image, and improves the corporate identity, building a corporate identity that is distinctive and unmistakable.


Email marketing service and best practices

Email Marketing event,  it’s an event or a communication campaign, our staff of designers, graphic designers and copywriters will be able to apply and develop the best strategy for every type of request.


Communicate the soul of your brand

From the graphics for an event and the creation of a logo, to the creation and drafting of catalogs and brochures, up to the esteem of the corporate identity.


We capture emotions

Through videos and photos we can tell every moment of an event, as we know how to talk about the brand and products through emotional images.


Out of ordinary projects

We develop forms of unconventional marketing, exploiting imagination and emotions to tell great things in a simple and attractive way.


Communicate through social media

We know how important online communication is, so our staff is able to support you in social media marketing campaigns both for events and for product launch communications and much more.


The right collaborations

If your goal is to have more visibility and generate new leads, we will offer you various collaborations with companies in various sectors and select the right events. This by studying your needs and the type of clientele on which to aim.


In line with innovation

Presentation methodologies, interactive formats, virtual reality: using technology in events and during fairs is a way to attract and stimulate.


Brand visibility online and offline

Through the press and the media we know how to make known the brand and its products, producing content and activating relationships to obtain constant visibility both online and offline.

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We are good listeners. We transform your ideas into reality. We respect the company's brand identity, but if we can, we go all out for you: we're the ones behind the flying kilometre in the lagoon in Venice, and also the ones who paraded a truck carrying models walking the runway in a spectacular location. We’ve done countless things with our clients: just enquiry us!


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