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Entertainment and personalization are the ingredients for an engaging event that can excite. Objectives Target Motivation reaches with the organization of the bank and finance sector events using unpublished formats.

The experiences proposed touch the most varied contexts, from modern art exhibitions to dinners in starred restaurants. A team of professionals in organizing events designs ad hoc solutions, designed taking into account the characteristics of the brand and the target audience.

Designed for the total satisfaction of the client’s needs, the service organization of events in the banking and finance sector provides for the planning and coordination of the event that Target Motivation organizes and manages entirely. Thanks to a vast network of collaborators and partners all over Italy, the company boasts operations on an international scale. Advantage to which is added the certainty of always transparent costs.

Target Motivation is the solution for innovative formats for organizing financial sector events

The deep knowledge of the national territory and a constantly updated staff on the exhibitions in the various museums allow Target Motivation to realize events with cultural and artistic format, offering guests exclusive experiences in which art and history merge.

Leveraging agreements with the most important Italian theaters, the company plans events and gala dinners at the same time as ballets, operas and concerts, selecting the most important shows based on the annual calendar. For example, it is possible to organize a dinner in the fascinating Palazzo Verità-Poeta in Verona following a concert at the Arena.

Among the solutions proposed there are tastings in renowned cellars of Tuscany, with itineraries to discover the beauties of the territory and visits to medieval villages, castles, monasteries, villas, etc.

The company also develops co-marketing formats with leading companies in the sector in anticipation of events and roadshows. Events that can take place in the most important squares and shopping centers in Italy, with the construction of trucks or mobile structures made to measure the brand.

Target Motivation then offers sponsorship at major sporting events, such as world or international championships. During the world volleyball championships of 2018 he organized for a client a dinner in an exclusive restaurant in Turin, which was attended by a player of the Italian national team.

Target Motivation’s bank and finance sector organization offer includes the planning of collateral activities for events already scheduled.

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