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Setting up for events and fair both in Italy and abroad

Functionality and esthetics drive the design and realization of fair stands, set up and scenography. The purpose is giving space to communication in order to create a comfortable ecosystem where each brand can convey its values, describe its projects and adopt new ideas. Target Motivation offers a complete service: from design to set up, going through logistics, permission management, maintenance and dismantling.

Our architects and designers are expert professionals and can develop the ideal set up for every kind of event or stand, working together with technicians for audio and video details, with graphics team for printed materials and with logistics team in order to adapt the set up to the selected location.

For events and fairs, Target Motivation offers the use of new technologies, in order to increase public’s involvement, creating a strong bond with the consumer/viewer. We are talking about augmented reality, gesture control and interactive tables. We always work respecting client’s budget purposes.

Rendering and 3D modeling to display the project in its early stages

Target Motivation offer encloses every aspects of the organization of events and fairs, starting from the graphics of the products to the set up. There are also 3D modeling, 3D sections and layouts, product design, animations, interior and exterior rendering and fair booths.

The usage of ad hoc programs and an always updated staff guarantee the respect of strict quality standards. Target Motivation expert designers give life to the ideas of the clients, who can see with their eyes the designed projects and their spaces thanks to augmented reality and can experience a virtual tour of the stand before its production.

During elaboration, the project is shown to the client with three-dimensional representations, with a real and emotional visual impact. The programs we use represent the state of the art of rendering, they elaborate highest quality images of texture and materials. Moreover, Target Motivation uses software for industrial design and interior styling.

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