Guerrilla Marketing

The art of knowing how to amaze

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Unconventional marketing to amaze and be noted

Amaze public in order to raise brand awareness is the golden rule of guerrilla marketing. This type of unconventional marketing uses low-cost tools in order to facilitate brand visibility through surprising actions, without the involvement of traditional media.

Guerrilla marketing purpose is to obtain the widest visibility, with the smallest investments. The success of the campaign depends on the originality of the advertising message and from the tool we use to convey it, as well as from the obtained media attention.

Since we are talking about a different marketing approach, guerrilla marketing initiatives often happen in urban areas (call boxes, benches, etc.), using pieces of furniture in order to convey an advertising message, flooring public. It is vital that this message stayed fixed in public’s mind, enriching the group of potential clients.

Target Motivation realizes guerrilla marketing projects in order to highlight a brand, a creative idea, an event or a roadshow. Thanks to a staff of expert professionals in different communication fields (copywriters, graphic designers…), we develop unconventional projects for high impact advertising campaigns.

The development of a guerrilla marketing project

If we want to gain importance in consumer’s mind, we have to define marketing goals and the way in which we want to reach them. Then we have to identify company’s competitive advantage, that is that unique selling proposition which distinguishes it from competitors.

Then it is necessary to fix the company’s target, that is people who probably will buy the offered products or services, taking into account the market niches. Only after a careful analysis of the target and brand identity, we determine marketing tools to be used and budget.

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