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Social Media Strategy: social campaigns for visibility and new clients acquisition

More than 4 billion people (55% of world population) are connected to Internet and around 3,2 billion people use social media. Italy alone has more than 43 million internet users and 34 million social users. The importance social networks acquired makes Social Media Marketing one of the essential element in the field of business communication.

Target Motivation keeps investing strategically in the innovation for communication, and uses social networks in order to amplify ideas and experience sharing, creating a support platform for customer care.

The purpose is to create engagement and interactions with users, using instruments which examine the target the company wants to hit in order to understand its need, language and preferences. To do that, Target Motivation defines with the client the goals to be reached through a Social Media Strategy, designing and managing an editorial plan, along with other tools such as newsletters. This is a job we always realize according to client’s preferences and budget.

The texts Target Motivation writes are subject to a careful planning in order to be clear and convincing, highlighting company values they want to convey. Posts and tweets are written by qualified copywriters, who know how to catch reader’s attention and to give the right visibility to the contents.

Our society supervises the evolution of social network campaigns, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and intervenes actively to modify or improve the communication with users, publishing videos or original contents. The contact with influencer of different fields increase users’ involvement and strengthen communication on social media.

Through social networks Target Motivation plans lead generation campaigns, created on purpose for a specific target the brand wants to hit. Moreover, we manage fan pages in order to facilitate attendance and dialogue with the general public.

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