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Sponsorship and co-marketing for brand promotion

In order to create an outside of the box popularity and to seduce new clients, sponsorship is an always winning strategy. Target Motivation realizes sponsorship projects and looks for companies which aim at increasing their brand awareness through captivating events. A dedicated staff supports the client company in the research of events and perfect partners, according to target and set goals.

Since perfect sponsorship comes from best brand visibility, Target Motivation develops the best sponsorship strategy for each client. Choosing the best sector where to invest, looking for events, selecting the guests (clients the company wish to loyalize, prospect VIPs, etc.) are only some of the aspects we examine.

Company work is not limited to sponsorship strategies, but includes the realization of communication and promotion campaigns for the events which are connected to sponsorship.

Target Motivation also conceives projects which aim at promoting already existing sponsorship, with intervention tailor made strategies, connected to brand and product visibility.

Thanks to a wide contacts CRM and to the study of communication strategies, our society realizes synergic collaboration between two or more companies, with the purpose of using to their full potential the connections between specific and relevant expertise. A partnership which aim at creating a real benefit for the client is the backbone of a perfect co-marketing.

Target Motivation boasts several experiences in the field of sport, art, means of communication and charity activities. We can rely on a wide net of contacts and we work with congress venues, high class hotels and locations in Italy and abroad, which make their spaces available to create sponsorship and connections with successful companies.

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