Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy
Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy

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Event Technology

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How to amaze and involve the audience with brand new technologies

In a market which is highly competitive as the one dealing with event organization, technology for Target Motivation has always been an important tool in order to stand out. From the forefront of the video projection to the test of virtual or augmented reality, the purpose is to create that “wow” effect which can make the brand experience unforgettable for its public, establishing new communication channels.

Here below there are some examples of new technologies which we used during our events:

1.Holo Screens

Holographic screens allow the usage of glass as control tool and lectern for the presentation.

The speaker, which stands in front of the audience, continues to keep the visual contact with them but, as if he/she touches air suspended buttons, he can control the presentation which is shown on a large screen behind him.

2.Gesture Control

Another extremely innovative procedure is giving speakers a wearable device in order to control the lecture through simple gestures, with no need of physical controllers, such as screens or lecterns.

Wearable devices are future. Managing PPT presentation without the use of mouse and keyboard, but only with arms movement (as orchestra conductors do) is surely a method of great emotional and visual impact.

3.Transparent screens for products exposure

Through the use of transparent cases, which become real showcases, you can create very interesting corners with great effect. Products, which are placed inside the cases, are invisible until the product reveal. We are talking about an innovative and particular presenting method, very useful also for increasing the information memorization, and used also in touch version during several fairs and exhibitions.


The holographic display allows you to view objects or the graphics inside it as if it was suspended in space. This technology, as well as that of transparent screens, allows you to use a different type of communication, compared to the traditional screens.

A real or virtual object, if placed inside the holographic display, comes to life.

5.Virtual Reality

Target Motivation develops application for Gear VR and Oculus Rift, using the interactive development platform 3D UNITY, for solutions of gamification and augmented reality.

6.Video mapping

Video mapping is the multimedia technology which allows light or video projection on real surfaces, in order to obtain an artistic effect and unusual movements on the interesting surfaces.

7.Interactive Tool by INMERSUS

INMERSUS is our software for managing Digital Signage and Multitouch screens.
A controller connected to the screen makes easier to read documents, texts, or to watch photos and videos.
If, instead of a normal tablet, we used a tool like an holographic glass screen, the innovative result is undoubtedly achieved.

8.Dynamic Presenter by INMERSUS

Dynamic Presenter is an INMERSUS application which allows to connect an interactive table to a video wall or large projection screen, with the aim of increasing user involvement. The speaker can manage the lecture from the table, sending to the monitor the contents he wants to show.

Through dynamic configurations it is possible to show at the same time more resources (photos, texts and videos), being able to comment live on video using PPT presentations simultaneously.

9.3D Autostereoscopic screens

This technology is perfect in order to increase audience interest and to create a real show in showing contents during the event.

Particularly suitable for viewing 3D elements, these screens can be used in the foyer or in specific parts of the hall in order to preview the new products (in the creation phase).
The autostereoscopic 3D technology allows the viewer to see the typical 3D cinema 42’’screen, without using any kind of glasses or other devices.

Mobile Apps and online communication campaigns

In addition to innovative presentation methods, Target Motivation Design&Technology BU creates mobile apps which are compatible with Android and iOS systems. These apps can be realized for the brand (business app) or dedicated to a specific event or project of the company. Moreover, we design and shape responsiveness and usability of mobile apps and web.

Finally, Target Motivation offers mobile advertising services, managing web and mobile campaigns with a performance-oriented approach. The company offer includes publishing and digital distribution, business apps and CRM. These are service we have developed thanks to our know-how (30 years of experience in this field).

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