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Logistics: tracking the route of a project towards its realisation. Bringing together energy, ideas and passion in a specific time and place, so that they meet and merge to create a perfect combination.

Specialising in event organisation has taught us that logistics is an event in itself. From conventions to product launches, from incentive travel to motivational campaigns, from team-building to road shows, from exhibitions to special events, from meetings to medical/scientific congresses: there is no such thing as an event where people, ideas and projects don’t have to move to “reach” their public.

That is why we have always paid close attention to all the aspects of this journey. We have over 30 years’ experience in identifying locations, which we choose from among the most striking in Italy and abroad. We offer air and rail travel ticketing services, with a focus on transport and logistics management. We handle hotel and restaurant bookings, ensuring the highest level of hospitality in every country. We organise transfers with private vehicles, and we guarantee an on-site welcome service with the support of specialist staff. This is all because we are convinced that the perfect journey is that in which at all times is dedicated to the pleasure of discovery.

Your events in Italy and abroad

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We select the best hotel facilities

We at Target Motivation can drawn on well-established collaboration with a vast network of hotel chains and individual hotels, in Italy with which we have signed an advantageous series of conventions and special rates. We provide extremely professional and customised Business Travel services, with high levels of cost savings and unbeatable performance in terms of the quality of the service and the personal relationship.



We guarantee ad hoc transfer services

We can take our customers wherever they want to go. An isolated retreat in the midst of uncontaminated nature or a terminus in the pulsating heart of a metropolis: whatever the destination, we can serve as an experienced travel organiser, guaranteeing a personalised transfer service, designed for absolute punctuality and the maximum travel pleasure in complete safety.



Staff qualified and suitable for every situation

At every destination, Target Motivation offers high-class hospitality management. We guarantee our customers highly professional local support staff who have been selected over years of collaboration. People we trust with a precise task: making everything go smoothly.


Exclusivity at your fingertips

Exclusive, original, elegant: these are the adjectives whose meaning we continue to redefine and refine. Above all when they refer to our gala events. From the location to the catering, the watchword is “out of the ordinary”. A sensory experience orchestrated to transform the please of being together into unforgettable experiences and into real communication strategies.


These is no limit to creativity. Wherever an idea has to get to, we at Target Motivation can accompany it along the way. Thanks to logistical partners with whom we have longstanding relations, we can move any material over any distance. By land, sea or air: beyond the frontiers of Europe and the oceans and, sometimes, beyond the confines of our imagination.


A high-profile service

We are among the few DCM companies to offer a genuine, high profile Secretariat service. We are aware of the presence of participants at the event. We manage the invitations and the follow-up with participants. We collect acceptances and hotel bookings. We organize business travel for the participants through our self-booking tool. We guarantee monitoring of registrations on a website created specifically for each event.


Your trusted travel agency

Our motto is “please take your seat, we’ll do the rest”. We are among the few to have an in-house travel agency which handles the issue of air tickets and the strategic organisation of travel, offering a booking service which guarantees the most advantageous rates and the simplest travel arrangements. Planes or trains: however our customers wish to travel, they can be sure that they only have to take their seat and away they go.


The best equipment at your disposal

Any self-respecting event deserves to be remembered. Besides our own memories, we at Target Motivation offer the guarantee of an audio and video production service which can document and tell the story of a day which has left a mark in a company’s history. A film in which, once again, the star is the beauty of ideas and the passion of those who bring them to life.


Expand your horizons, thanks to our contacts all over Italy