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Organize launch events effortlessly with Target Motivation

It is the first impression that matters. An unwritten rule that is as important in private life as in the marketing world. For this reason, whether it is a mobile phone or a custom-built car, the launch of a new product always comes from the analysis of the market and the relevant public.

In fact, the introduction of a product into the market presupposes targeted strategic choices, useful for the creation of the brand image and the strengthening of the corporate identity.

Target Motivation, a reality with thirty years experience in organizing events and congresses, offers a complete service of organization of product launches: every aspect of the activity is taken care of, from the analysis of the market to the planning of the presentation event.

The strength of the Target Motivation proposal lies in the timely management of each phase of the product launches. It not only defines the launch plan, but also takes care of the planning, communication and logistics of the event.

Once the company values ​​and communication objectives have been established, Target Motivation provides for the creation of the brand image and the design of the packaging. The company also directs the creation of an advertising campaign aimed at positioning your product on the global market.

Target Motivation develops integrated communication plans, taking care of corporate communication both for paper and digital material. A commitment on several fronts to give the right boost to the products and the company.

From logistics to organizational secretariat: plan the launch of a new product with Target Motivation

You will have to take care only of date and place, will be Target Motivation to take charge of the launch event of your product. In addition to the study of the event concept and the creation of the graphics and the claim for the launch, Target Motivation provides management.

The product launches organization service includes the identification of the location, the management of the various movements (including the booking of air and rail tickets) and the hotel accommodation.

Thanks to an international network of partners, Target Motivation manages events in Italy and abroad guaranteeing the highest quality. And if the invited list steals too much time from your core business, it can take care of invitations and other practices related to the presence of the participants.

The Organizing Secretariat service assures the management of invitations, the monitoring of registrations and the planning of displacements and overnight stay on site.

Always in step with the times and attentive to the use of the latest technologies, Target Motivation creates original and innovative solutions that will amaze your guests by making the product launch an unforgettable event.

Do you have to launch a product on the market?