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We take care of the strategic organization of the trip

We offer an internal Organizing Secretariat service

We select the most suitable structures

We move around the world thanks to our partners

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Organize unconventional team building with Target Motivation

Create opportunities to team up. Promote knowledge, communication, empathy in a working group. These are the objectives with which we study and organize recreational, sporting, theatrical and musical activities. An architecture of trust and collaboration made of unforgettable experiences, that we at Target Motivation build together with our customers.

Thanks to the experience gained in more than 30 years of activity, we are able to suggest the team building suited to the needs of the client, based on what are the objectives to be achieved and the guidelines indicated.

We believe that multi-sensorial involvement and a climate of interaction are important factors that make team building a real incentive and training experience.

In these activities, the participant is always the protagonist, even if working in groups, as it is a fundamental element to complete the required result.

All this while maintaining an atmosphere of fun, bringing into play all those senses that we use in everyday life and that allow us to experience emotional situations and interaction.

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