Event organization Monza

Event organization Monza, the chance to raise your brand awareness

In 2.0 market event organization is the indicator of business communication. For the company, the event is the occasion to establish a direct relationship with clients and visitors, positively affecting brand awareness and corporate identity. Business event organization in Monza represents a very good option for companies which want to promote through conventions, congresses and the participation in specific fairs.

Monza is perfect for business events. Besides having an important artistic heritage, the fascinating Lombard city is situated in a strategic position from a logistic point of view. It is easy to reach from the main cities of Centre and North of Italy, thanks to its proximity both with highways and railway stations.

Since event organization has become a necessary element of each company communication plan, event management activities must be carried out by specialists of this field, capable of taking care of each single detail of the project.

Another crucial factor is the presence onsite: only an agency which is active on the territory can guarantee immediate replies and a prompt management of possible unexpected events. Company Event Organization in Monza by Target Motivation do satisfies these requirements.

Target Motivation, event agency in Monza from 1985

Thanks to a 30 years’ experience in this field, Target Motivation realized congresses, conventions, meetings and team buildings with a complete service in Monza. The company takes care of every phase of the project: concept design, graphics development, elaboration and realization of stand and setup. Everything is carried out guaranteeing excellent performances, thanks to the professionalism of the staff, who is specialized in specific sectors.

The activities connected to event communication are managed by project managers, graphic designers and copywriters, who develop integrated communication plans and edit contents for brochures, magazines and catalogs. Setup are realized by architects and designers. Projects are shown to the client from the early stages, using professional software which ensure a very good performance for materials and textures.

Moreover, the company uses innovative presentation methods, in order to increase participants’ interest. Among all the options, there are augmented reality, autostereoscopic screens, interactive tables and wearable devices for gesture control.

Target Motivation contacts guests too, collecting registrations and planning their travel for the event. The creation of a specific microsite allows to monitor registrations in real time, whereas the Organizing Secretariat books the hotel onsite for guests and speakers.

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