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Why to choose event and meeting organization in Venice

UNESCO world heritage site, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, rich in history, art and culture. The majestic palaces facing the Grand Canal and the magnificent St. Mark’s square fascinate every visitor. Event organization in Venice is therefore the most logical choice if we want to make a meeting or a congress unforgettable.

Besides being a beauty example, the Serenissima offers different entertainment activities during all the year, with a lot of appointments, such as Carnival, Biennale and Redentore feast, among the most famous.

The Venetian capital city is also an easy to reach destination: despite what we could think, it is well connected to the mainland. The Liberty Bridge allow to get directly to the historical center by car and Santa Lucia railway station is located in Cannaregio, on the western side of the Grand Canal.

Target Motivation, event organization agency in Venice since 1985

The location selection is the first step in the agenda for event realization and different factors are to be considered (position, capacity etc.).

Then we study the necessary services for the success of the project, such as catering and participants’ transfers. In summary, event organization is a complex activity which implies deep knowledge of the sector, and can be carried out only by skilled professionals with many years of experience.

The agency who will organize the event is to be chosen carefully: professionalism and transparency are non-negotiable values. Target Motivation completely satisfies these requirements, thanks to a working method based on 30 years of activity. Event planning starts from client’s requests: once crucial points are agreed upon (destination, period, number of guests, etc.) project phases are scheduled on a precise retro planning.

The company offers a complete event organization service, starting from concept creation till setup dismantling. Design&Technology dept. team realizes original setup, using the most innovative technologies: gesture control, augmented reality and video mapping are some of the different options.

The logistical aspect is handled by specialists in Venice event organization, who manage hostesses and guides, take care of material transportation and audio/video service. Then there are Target Motivation Organizing Secretariat and internal travel agency, thanks to which it is possible to issue air and train tickets at convenient rates and study travel strategic management.

Our experts know how to offer exclusive tours and experiences, allowing guests to live Venice not as a simple tourist, but as a local citizen: tasting, exclusive night visits to palaces, activities on the Grand Canal.

Finally, thanks to copywriters and graphic designers, Target Motivation realizes focused advertising campaigns and edits contents for online and offline communication.

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