Two seas embrace the long coast of Puglia with its rocky stretches (like its Gargano), its cliffs and sandy coasts (the beaches along the Gulf of Taranto).
Puglia is a real treasure of art, rich in history and nature to make its special territory ideal for small and medium-sized incentive groups who are looking for a territory that – in addition to its splendid blue sea – offers flavours, traditions, hilly and mountainous areas such as those of the Murgia and the Salento lands.
In small villages and in the cities, the work of craftsmen lives on in the manufacturing of splendid artistic creations such as terracotta whistles, lace, ceramics, wrought iron and papier-mâché.

The trulli of Alberobello - a World Heritage Site, the historic farms, the underground oil mills, the ravines, the puli and the sinkholes furrow the surface of this strongly karst territory together with the numerous caves, places of great beauty that still tell today the passage of man from the prehistory to the modern age.

Let's not talk about the splendid tastings that you can experience throughout the territory of Puglia. From the love for the luxuriant and precious Apulian olive trees, I work in my company born from the passion of my great-grandfather Vincenzo and I am a miller for three generations. The love and respect for the land, the roots and peasant traditions as well as the pride for the territorial identity to be rediscovered every day have accompanied my family for years.