I select the most modern and functional congress, accommodation, multifunctional and image structures in Florence and its surroundings. I choose structures with spaces specifically designed to host events, exhibitions and competitions and I organize events. I have 40 years of experience in the hospitality sector and over 6000 events managed as Sales Promotion in Florence.

I love my Florence and the Tuscany. Florence universally recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, enchants its visitors with the marvels of Renaissance architecture; Siena, the city of the Palio, whose historic center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a splendid example of medieval architecture. And then Pisa with the leaning tower, Lucca with its sixteenth-century walls, Arezzo and its goldsmith tradition offer a lot to experience for business and leisure.

Lose yourself in the scent of history of the medieval villages, discover the sweetness of the hills and the intense colors of the maquis - particularly beautiful and bright in autumn - and alternating with the ordered rows of vineyards. The possibilities for a magical and exciting itinerary are endless. You can choose between discovering culture and traditions as well as have adventurous experiences in the countryside.