Hi, I’m Maurilia,

Chianci chianci…ca a mamma t'accatta Aranci.
Agneddu e Sucu e finiu u Vati
aranci aranci cu l'avi si li chianci
Cu manìa nun pinìa
cu mancia fa muddichi

These Sicilian proverbs from my native land are just a cultural manifesto.
My Sicily is a place of enchantment, of blinding sunshine at least five months of the year. During the hottest time of day, the curtains and blinds of the houses stay down until late afternoon.
My land is one of long silences, of secrecy, of fleshy prickly pears, of unmistakable scents of orange blossom and jasmine, but also of baked pasta all year round, and bread and panelle. My Sicily is made of theatres and temples of Greek origin. My Sicily is ultramarine blue, a land where you can find yourself taking a dip in the blue even in winter, when you least expect it.

The mild climate and beauty of the monuments make it a renowned tourist destination, where sea and culture come together.

Palermo, my native city, was founded by the Phoenicians, a people of navigators, and reached its peak – after being used by the Romans for its wheat and countless agricultural products – under the Arabs. Then the Normans made it a famous centre of study and art: the school of Frederick II is but one example.
The monuments I will take you to see include the Martorana with its elegant bell tower and spectacular Byzantine mosaics. Then there’s the Cathedral where the remains of Queen Constance of Hauteville and her son Frederick II are laid to rest.

And if you're looking for unusual places and extraordinary openings, you’ll find unique places like the Chinese Palace, a unique combination of neoclassicism and romanticism.

Moving beyond Palermo, we meet a “woman on the run” from the fast-paced city, who will convey her love for the land and culture of wine in the queen of Sicilian wine cellars, on a journey where sustainable production meets technological innovation.