Magic, volcanic, suspended in time and full of paradoxes and contradictions. Have you guessed which city I’m talking about?

I’m Maria Grazia and with me, you will experience Naples and Campania as if you were a local. It doesn't matter whether you're here for business or pleasure: every day, I tell anecdotes and discover unexplored routes or hidden corners to present my land with a new and authentic perspective.

Italy, with its ancient monuments, was the most popular destination for the young scions of the European aristocracy, and the cities most visited during the Grand Tour were precisely Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Naples, with the nearby Phlegraean Fields, which also offered the possibility to experience real natural phenomena resulting from the local volcanic activity.

Goethe – of Naples – fell madly in love and said: “Naples is a paradise: in it everyone lives in a sort of intoxicated self-forgetfulness.”

And that’s exactly what it’s like for me and anyone who visits my land: Naples for me surpasses everything: the bay, the gulf, Vesuvius, the nearby countryside, the castles and the walks. Naples is a city that has remained true to its Greek origins, founded on the legend of the siren Parthenope, who sang and enchanted.

I will take you to visit places of rare beauty, immersed in nature, like the Biscotto cave, the cave dwellings and the Pistillo. The Amalfi Coast boasts rocky stretches of breathtaking beauty.

And why not take you to Pompeii for an exclusive opening with a dedicated tour of the excavations, followed by a sunset toast?