Hi, I’m Raffaella and I'm originally from Pavia, the city with the statue of the washerwoman on the Ticino river that reminds us of the women who would wash their clothes by the river last century. I will take you on a discovery of Lombardy.

Why not start from Italy's most fashionable city? Our journey begins with an aperitif, necessarily on a rooftop with panoramic views of Milan, before moving on to the beautiful mountains of Valtellina: skiing, walks, e-bikes, and no shortage of crazy activities!

And to cap off the day, I propose a pure wellness break in the warm waters of the ancient thermal baths of Bormio, perhaps in the evening, in the outdoor pool, under the starry sky of the Stelvio national park. What do you think?

Making our way down from the mountains, we hop on a boat headed for the lakes: Como, Maggiore, Garda, Iseo and Varese. Very different places, each with their own magical appeal.

We keep heading down until we reach the Po Valley furrowed by the Po river. We pedal along the paths of its river park to capture the true essence of our natural surrounds, while also allowing ourselves a few stops here and there with a guided tour of the cities of Pavia, the Longobard capital: Cremona, the city of violins; Mantova, city of the Gonzagas. And to finish, a picnic in the vineyards with a glass of Franciacorta to toast to my land. I’ll be waiting for you.