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Event Organisation for Product Launches

Product launch events: from the automotive to the pharma and health sectors.


Events and experiences for various sectors including automotive and pharma: creation of ad hoc product launch projects with the support of industry experts.


When a company introduces a new product and service to the market for the first time, and it does so by organising an event, Target Motivation becomes the brand’s ideal partner; value, motivation, and emotions must transpire through these types of events.

The where, how and when of an event are always crucial elements, but become even more important when a product launch is designed to impress:

  • the brand’s clients and prospects (consumer event),
  • employees and more likely the sales force and dealers (corporate event),
  • journalists (product launch press conference).

Target Motivation supports automotive and healthcare (pharmaceutical and health) companies through the integrated management of services aimed at achieving important upstream objectives set by the client company, and inherent to the launch of every product to stimulate interest, entertain, amaze, make history.

Product launch projects typically give free rein to creativity with the development of a concept that will define not only the format of the event, but also all of its organisational aspects.

Lancio prodotto Auto

Once the concept has been approved, our creative team dedicated to event design and communication takes to the drawing table to define the graphical aspects of each communicative element based on the client project: save the dates, invitations, banners and totems, external portals, correspondence to accompany guests before, during and after the event, venues and even gadgets such as those in the photo to the side.

We often choose symbolic locations, but also “empty spaces” in which to create special sets, add screens and whatever else necessary to customise it as much as possible.

These kinds of events are often supported by ad hoc communication: through Whatsapp messaging or via App, we create suspense and accompany guests in the pre-launch stage of the event, keeping them up to date and providing information that adds value and arouses curiosity. The App also allows participants to follow the program and interact with the speakers, asking questions and voting in surveys.

Our experience and supporting technology allows us to move swiftly, confidently and skilfully in all contexts, in the field of luxury goods in particular, but also in the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors. Targeted Motivation is certain of its ability to guarantee long-lasting experiences.


Video example: product launch event

Photogallery: some images from our product launch events


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