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Corporate Team Building Experience in Italy destinations: indoor and outdoor

Fun and inspiring corporate team building activities and events across Italy.


Help your team understand, connect & work together better with a team development away (half) day.


Team building is the perfect activity to combine with your corporate convention, at the company’s anniversary celebrations or at a specific time selected by the company for various reasons relating to important aspects of work, such as:

• approach to change;
• mindset adjustment;
• stress management;
• assertiveness, resilience, inclusion, creativity;
• result orientation.


Organising a team building event caters to a variety of needs, but also helps achieve various objectives:

  • getting involved and having a good time together,
  • achieving objectives as a team,
  • developing collaboration, communication skills and trust,
  • getting to know one’s team members,
  • creating harmony between people,
  • sharing ideas and joy to maintain a high level of enthusiasm.

Team building can focus on the development of cross-skills and can be adapted to different contexts: formal, institutional, recreational, aggregative, training, to name a few.

At Target Motivation, we can organise your team building either at the same venue selected for the event or during corporate dinners (theme nights, team brain quizzes, murder mystery dinners), or else out in the open with activities proposed in line with the aims of the event and the season.

In particular, we propose:

EXPLORATORY TEAM BUILDING: orienteering in woodland contexts (if the event location is near a mountainous/natural area) and treasure hunts, but also photo targeting in urban contexts where the event location is more suited to this type of activity (Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence...);

CONSTRUCTIVE CHALLENGE: cartoon race (building cars, boats and chariots outdoors and taking them to the track with the team, electing a team leader and driver of the vehicle built for the team).

TEAM DYNAMICS: Dragon boat racing, sailing regattas and other team building activities such as Olympic games

Indoors, we can organise team building activities linked to the world of food, cinema, music and theatre, with experiential and creative tasks such as Kapla building and green labs for a sustainable team experience.

Green lab

The format has the two fold purpose of informing participants about concepts of sustainability and social responsibility, but also of promoting their active contribution towards building something creative by raising awareness about recycling and optimised use of resources.

The first part of the briefing touches on various important topics focusing on what the planet needs in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Expert opinion leaders can also be convened to motivate the group.

The aim is to shift the focus to simple actions we can put into practice every day. The activity continues with team building, involving participants in the creation of objects to be donated to charity.

Eco team building

There’s fun and creative team building, but also “socially responsible” team building to improve communication between colleagues and teams.

The act of creating in order to give to others leads to a sense of gratification, and the “A Thousand Meals for Africa” team building is the perfect example.

This activity creates a food factory of sorts, driven by efficiency and dexterity.

Participants are split into teams with different tasks, and in a very limited time will need to transform bags of rice, vegetables, soya and vitamins into food rations destined for various African countries.

The activity is organised in collaboration with the Rise Against Hunger association, whose main objective is to create a network of resources and means to provide fragile populations with food and humanitarian aid.

Photogallery: some shots from our team buildings


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