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Organisation of Digital and Hybrid Events for Companies and Institutions

Remote solutions to enjoy a digital or hybrid event in total safety.


We plan and execute successful virtual and hybrid events in the tech, pharma & healthcare industries but also in other sectors.


Live streaming, webinars, virtual conferences, conventions, and product launches are now a familiar experience for many companies, regardless of their size.

To create a truly impressive digital event, we need to:

  • start from the format to design the event;
  • give the event a creative identity that reflects its image and objectives;
  • create a detailed program;
  • create moments of interaction between speakers and participants, and between buyers and project managers of companies;
  • manage the event through an efficient admin team;
  • offer ongoing technical support starting with test planning;
  • rely on professional direction.

The benefits of creating a digital event:

1. The chance to demonstrate the company’s ability to exploit technological change, even in the eyes of competitors;
2. The possibility to reach potential participants, who otherwise would never have reached the company;
3. Reduced organisation costs;
4. the organisation of a sustainable event where logistics have a limited impact on the overall budget;
5. the possibility to constantly review the meeting content;
6. the possibility for thousands of people to participate in the event, even in a flexible way.

Hybrid Events

These combine the best of physical and virtual events, creating unique and exclusive experiences for those who attend, while being open to the world via the web.

At Target Motivation, we are strong advocates of so-called hybrid events, in which a portion of the participants physically attend (at the company headquarters or a venue specifically selected for a product launch, for example), and the remaining participants are connected by remote from all over the world.

Virtual platform for the organisation of events and trade fairs: Engage 3D

We use a proprietary platform that can be modified by the technical/IT team to suit client requirements and business needs. We can therefore adapt the look of the platform to the company’s identity, using its mood board and applying it to every setting and all the graphics. But above all, with Engage 3D we can design entire virtual environments.

But what if companies don't want to abandon the usual live presentation of their products?

Engage 3D is a flexible solution that can adapt to various needs, and which also offers the possibility for hybrid product launches. This entails a physical installation available to part of the guests, who of course receive staggered invitations so as to avoid overcrowding; the installation is then also reproduced in 3D and possibly enriched with additional content that can be enjoyed online by a broader audience.

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Virtual Product Launches

Every object is faithfully recreated (samples, brochures, entire collections, medicines...), and is done so three-dimensionally, inserted in a virtual environment that can be customised in every detail, and even reproducing special venues such as trade fair halls, hotel environments, or even immersive settings such as the central squares of the most famous cities.

Buyers or the company’s sales force create an avatar with which to explore the different environments and interact with the objects: for example, they can have a 360-degree view of the objects or their internal structure, taking a closer look at the materials used to make them, or the parts used to build them, which can also be taken apart and put back together again.

Another important aspect for buyers and the company's collaborators is the possibility to ask questions directly to the speakers or product managers.

Team building

Moreover, participants can also take part in custom-designed team building activities. These involve playful experiences (quizzes and other types of games designed to strengthen team spirit, albeit by remote), and also adventurous team building in the flesh.

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