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Exhibition stands and event sets up: Target Motivation proposals

Target Motivation offers a full service taking care of every stage of the set-up, from planning to fitting up to dismantling. It provides the management of permits, the maintenance of facilities and all the logistical aspects.

Target Motivation collaborates with architects and designers capable to create the ideal setting for events and any kind of exhibitions stands. They are expert and looking to make real the client’ ideas and show the result even before creating the final product.

Leveraging software and augmented reality, the customer takes a virtual tour of the designed stand to fully perceive the spaces. This solution allows you to touch the project in its embryonic phase. Three-dimensional representations and images of the highest quality ensure optimal rendering of the textures and materials that will be used.

The final result required the support of audio, video and lighting technicians and of the graphic team, that takes care about the aesthetic support and the printing.

Thanks to the continuous development of the staff, and the using of ad hoc program, Target Motivation offers high quality services, that meet and exceed client expectations. Our proposal includes modelling and planning in 3D, product design, animations, interior and exterior renderings, exhibition stands.

Target Motivation offers new technologies to interact with the audience, during fairs and events, with the purpose to create a deep connection with both consumers and visitors: interact tables, augmented reality and gesture control.

A dense network of partners in Italy and abroad, allows Target Motivation to operate nationally and internationally, cutting down costs with the guarantee of high level quality, and always in compliance with budgets and goals.

Amazement is our motto

We can show you your stand in 3D


Building ideas, not just a stand

In Italy or abroad, we are able to realize the stand suitable for any need and modular for every space.


We set up and plan the exhibition stand for your event

Thanks to our architects, designers and graphic designers, we realize the fitting project, adapting it perfectly to the location and to the customer’s requests.