Turin from Above with a Toast and Sax - Turin, Piedmont

Beside the traditional experiences we can offer in Turin, there is an original one for special groups.

210 steps for a unique and exceptional panoramic view accompanied by an expert guide who will narrate the city from above, and a saxophonist (optional) to enjoy the most beautiful views of Turin: on one side, the ancient Palatine Gates, and on the other, the spectacular Piazza Castello, and just opposite, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud and the Mole Antonelliana.

An absolutely one-of-a-kind aperitif on the famous Cathedral Bell Tower. An exclusive aperitif in a truly exceptional location.

Barolo Tasting and Quiz between the Castle and Museum - Langhe, Piedmont

Barolo tasting and quiz between the castle and museum - Langhe, Piedmontthousand-year-old castle. And hills full of vineyards at its feet. This is what will amaze the group.

A detailed tour that includes an exploration of the wine cellars in the castle where Barolo was born, but also an interesting and entertaining quiz in Italy’s most renowned wine museum, where participants will be challenged to reconstruct the stories and impressions of the famous personalities who made Italy what it is, such as Cavour, King Charles Albert, Gen. Staglieno, Silvio Pellico and of course the Falletti Marquises. Either directly or indirectly, our guests will find them all in a cultural itinerary compiled ad hoc for each group.

Team Discovers, City Orienteering - Alba, Piedmont

Competition and creativity: an orienteering course along unknown roads, to be tackled with a spirit of collaboration and fun.

An unusual tour of the city combined with a tasting of the area’s local products: split up into groups, orienteering participants will move through the city with nothing but a sketchmap and a few landmarks.

The dynamics of the game and the competition will lead the group through the streets of the old town of Alba, the area’s “capital”, in search of local products and specialities: hazelnuts, truffles and, of course, local wines. Competing participants will use a smartphone APP to move around independently and answer the quizzes.

Rally Tour on Lake Maggiore - Piedmont

An unforgettable driving experience in the hills around Lake Maggiore; from the famous Stresa to the small, romantic Lake Orta, through to the splendour of the Alpinia botanical garden and the charming natural balcony of the Mottarone peak (1491 m).

Dedicated sports staff will follow the group on this thrilling adventure that combines physical activity with knowledge of this wonderful area and plenty of suggestive views.

The rally tour can be organised as an incentive or team building activity in teams of 2 to 4 people, and can also be treated as an actual race with timed stages.

Participants will be given a road book and certificate of participation.

In a Vintage Car on the Shores of Lake Maggiore - Piedmont

Starting from the shores of Lake Maggiore, we climb towards Mottarone, stopping over at the Alpinia botanical garden. This is the first stop of our travelling lunch. A buffet of local specialities such as cold meats and cheeses will be served against the backdrop of the spectacular Borromeo Gulf.

We descend on the opposite side of Mottarone to reach the picturesque town of Pella on Lake Orta. Here, the group will enjoy their first course: a pasta or risotto dish surrounded by the relaxing scenery characteristic of this area.

We head back towards Lake Maggiore, where we stop for the last course, dessert, which tastes even sweeter when flavoured with the fragrant lake breeze.

Cheese Experience in the Langhe - Piedmont

An authentic experience to discover the secrets of traditional cheese-making, from the grazing sheep and goats to processing, and finally a lunch/tasting for a journey the senses will remember!

A renovated farmstead, a boundless panorama and the peace and quiet of the Alta Langa: an authentic experience to discover the secrets of cheese, the kind produced in natural environments, according to tradition, where the fragrance is that of yesteryear and the flavour truly genuine.

- Tour of the company, pastures, barn

- Tasting of cheeses with different ripening periods, bread and focaccia

The World’s Best Hazelnut: from the Producer to the Table - Piedmont

An itinerary entirely dedicated to the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut of the Langhe, from its production to use in the kitchen.

To begin with, a small hazelnut producer will invite the group into its world: a sophisticated hazelnut-themed boutique, where participants can also witness part of the production.

Next up, a cooking course with an expert cook ready to unveil the best way to enhance the flavour of the world's best hazelnut in sweet and savoury recipes. The group of up to ten people will prepare an entire menu dedicated to this precious fruit of the Alta Langa.

A sensory experience among unmistakable flavours and scents, the authentic and genuine ones of a land rich in culinary traditions of excellence.

The Bike Tour of Delicacies – Itria Valley, Apulia

An e-bike tour among the olive trees to experience the local culture first-hand. Three stops are proposed along the way:

VISIT TO DAIRY FACTORY - Fresh dairy products, semi-cured and cured cheeses are among some of Apulia’s most popular delicacies. And this is precisely why we will learn how to make mozzarella and burrata with a cheesemaker. A dexterity contest followed by a tasting of mozzarella and caciocavalli.

SAVELLETRI FISHING VILLAGE – even before the tasting, you will recognise the raw fish and fish carpaccio through your sense of taste and touch.

LEARNING OLIVE VARIETIES – a stopover at a masseria (farmhouse) to learn about Apulian green olive varieties.

Aims: to sharpen the senses, experiential mix, knowledge of the local area and culture, learning

Hands in Dough, Orecchiette Contest - Apulia

An exciting contest on Apulian kneading boards with the ever-present orecchiette (little ears), a local cultural staple. The teams will compete for first place, which will be awarded for skill and speed in the presence of a housekeeper and chef, who will explain how orecchiette are made by demonstrating the ancient technique of preparing them.

The chef will judge the efforts of the participants, who will compete in teams. Whoever produces the most wins a trophy.

Afterwards, a tasting of the dish prepared with the ever-present turnip greens sauce.

Aims: speed, rapid learning, manual work.

The Bernardu Way – Bosa, Alghero, Sardinia

If you're looking for a sustainable experience, this is it.

About 40 minutes from Alghero, there’s a breathtaking trek, which among Mediterranean maquis, intense perfumes, Griffon vultures overhead and incredible views, leads you to a spectacular wild cove where you can bathe, enjoy magical moments and savour local zero-kilometre delicacies.

A natural and wild oasis that is home to a very rare species: the Griffon vulture.

An experience valid for groups of maximum 20 people. Valid in the months of May, June, September, October.