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Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy

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Event Organisation for the Luxury & Fashion Sector

Specialised in luxury and fashion events, we accompany our clients from planning the event to the management of it with the support of consultants from the sector.

Planning and coordination of your event in the luxury and fashion sector. We start from the event format and with the support of industry experts we taylor your event.

Storytelling and sustainability are at the heart of communication strategies in the fashion and luxury sector.

That’s right, even the luxury sector, as proven on the Milanese runways of some of the greatest fashion brands who have made Italian manufacturing history.

The fashion industry has set itself the goal of recovering pre-Covid sales and a return to normality, or rather a “new normality” in buying trends, and therefore the industry’s total recovery.

From the concept to backstage, as well as lighting, sound, music, cat-walk, seating, catering, security service, hostess, reception and administrative service, transfer and travel, video and photography.

At Target Motivation, we have always stood by the fashion, luxury jewellery and luxury industries, looking after all aspects of events including fashion shows, roadshows, openings, conferences, advertising photo shoots: from the concept to backstage, as well as lighting, sound, music, cat-walk, seating, catering, security services, hostesses, reception and administrative services, transfers and travel, videos and photography.

Drawing on our experience in organising logistics and communications for events, also thanks to our expertise in designing installations and stage sets, as well as trade fair stands, we expertly manage the entire production of luxury and fashion events, leaving no detail to chance.

Our services

Segreteria organizzativa

Back office event secretariat

Rely on Target Motivation to manage the admin and back office secretariat of your event:

  • We send invitations and follow-up event messages to attendees;
  • We prepare rooming lists and take care of anything starting from food restrictions;
  • We select and book one or more hotels based on the number of participants;
  • We prepare and send thank-you letters to participants;
  • We issue the ticket office and take care of the strategic organization of the trip;
  • We manage the arrival and departure logistics with our booking pilot and ground escort;
  • We coordinate the services with the staff in charge of following your event step by step.
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    We are always up to date on the latest market developments and hotel offers. Target Motivation works closely with hotel chains, accommodation providers and international networks that guarantee preferential rates.


    Local experts and accredited professionals accompany guests and help manage events coordinated by Target Motivation project managers and logistics staff


  • National and international TICKET OFFICE: train and flight ticketing

    We are always on the hunt for unique experiences to propose to clients: from useful gadgets to technological solutions that add value to the event.
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From the concept to special set-ups

Together with our professionals from the design & event-communication team, we design and plan scenography and special set-ups for events starting from the concept of the event and the type of event.

In particular, starting from the format, we take care of:

  • scenography, set-ups for events such as conventions and product launches,
  • immersive set-ups and 3D holograms,
  • design & luxury fittings, stands.

We therefore create customised spaces within the location chosen for the event itself.

Furthermore, with the organization of digital or hybrid events, we design virtual exhibition stands. Thanks to the latest technologies and our ENGAGE 3D platform, the possibilities are almost endless. Using virtual reality to bring the delegates even inside the exhibition spaces.


Green installation. Always eco-friendly, even in the fashion and luxury sector

Today, it is more important than ever to take up the challenge of focusing on the environment and social sustainability right from the early stages of an event.

Although nowadays most events are developed around the concept of eco-sustainability, their organisation itself often generates large amounts of waste. And all too often, this is waste that cannot necessarily be sorted for recycling.

Target Motivation recovers and reuses the installations or else makes them low-impact, out of cardboard for example.

The creative designers in Target Motivation’s “Graphics and Communications” team identify creative, innovative, and eco-friendly design solutions that favour eco-friendly, economical and recycled primary materials.

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