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Welcome to Veneto!

I’m Simonetta, and it is with much pride that I help you get to know and experience my native Veneto.

Veneto is not just where I was born, it’s where I grew up and where I work.

Veneto is a vast land spanning from Vicenza to Trento and all the way to Grado, where there’s no shortage of things to do together.

To those who ask me where I’m from, I always say that I’m from the “north-east”, because my region is incredibly vast and home to so many diverse natural elements: the sea, the mountains, spas, lakes, the world’s best-known cities of art, the hills.

Along the most unusual itineraries such as those along the “alta via del tabacco” (high tobacco road), where the memory of its historical cultivation can still be found in the characteristic terraces supported by “dry stone walls” called “masiere”, which rise on the mountain slopes 400-500 metres above Brenta level, we will be captivated by production facilities such as that of Benedettino, a typical local cigar of the Brenta.

I will take you to see the factory, and, why not, to taste a fantastic grappa from Bassano during a tour of a special place narrated with passion and love for one’s native land, and quality.
Rafting on the Brenta or canoeing on the Sile river are opportunities that no company should let slip. We might even be accompanied by a nature guide who will also tell us about the local flora and fauna.

We’ll slowly discover the Palladian villas of the Berici hills by bike, and then relax at the thermal baths of Abano and Montegrotto, one of my favourite things to do. And if you're a little lazy, we can grab e-bikes to help us pedal.
We’ll visit cities of art such as Padua and Vicenza, maybe even with exclusive tours of lesser-known places where 14th-century artists painted masterpieces that can still be admired today, with exclusive openings, and be guided through jewel-like villages such as Bassano del Grappa and Marostica, truly unique to their kind.

We’ll go and visit the “casoni” (fishermen's huts) and the suspended life of the lagoon areas of Grado and Marano, and even the archaeological site of Aquileia. These are just a few of the activities that can be experienced as an alternative to the exclusive and “evergreen” Venice, the queen that has welcomed me for some years now, involving me in numerous tours and lots of bacari (wine bars).

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Planning a trip to Veneto? Discover Venice and Verona and experience countryside and lake Garda timeless sceneries and upcoming events of such an enchanting territory in the North of Italy with Target Motivation. Get to know the city of Venice like a local and start a one-of-a-kind adventure. From unique tours to exclusive access to Venice attractions. Prefer a terrace with a special view from the top? Venice boasts loads of places where you can enjoy prime views of the city skyline. What mood do you look for? The rooftop of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi after a couple of hours of free shopping as well as Settimo Cielo rooftop are just two ideal location to spend some time to enjoy the city crom the top. Of course we will bring you to visit places of unexpected beauty and personality. Discover the incredible museum and churches cultural offers of the city and explore the silence of St. Erasbo and Mazzorbo to get to know a different perspective of Venice.

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