EVENT: Family Day
Number of participants: 2.500 guests + staff and suppliers
Destination: Torino

Like every year, Italdesign opens its doors to the families of employees for a whole day dedicated to aggregation activities. This year, however, the celebration was particularly rich in attractions and events, also to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand.

For this occasion, the company has relied on Target Motivation for the set-up and audio / video services.

We took care of the design and the set up of the stage of about 30 sqm, the audio system was designed specifically for the external environment in which it would be placed with the presence of mixers, speakers and amplifiers, as well as part of the instrumentation necessary for the musical performance of the bands that took part in the event.

After the introduction speech by the managing director, Italdesign wanted to create a concert, selecting the most representative songs of the years in which the most important events of the company took place, starting from birth.

In this case Target Motivation also took care of the direction both as regards the alternation of the bands, both for the reproduction of the emotional video on the 15sqm Ledwall installed with a hang-out for the occasion.
In addition to the audio systems and the ledwall, for the lighting part we created an impact setting with light effects and smoke machines to make the atmosphere magical and exciting.