EVENT: Incentive Travel
CLIENT: Automotive Sector
Number of participants: 200 guests
Destination: Rio de Janeiro
Date: March 2019

For this incentive travel, organized annually for the top sellers of the year, the company has chosen one of the destinations proposed by Target Motivation: Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to the search for the destination and the location, we managed the part of the aerial ticket office with direct contact of the participants by our Organizing Secretariat for transfers and flights approaching the departure airports.

On site, we managed transfers, excursions and activities agreed with the client, the gala dinner in a typical restaurant with entertainment.

Plus that decided the company to choose our proposal, was the fact of having proposed an activity that involved the participants during the parade of the Rio carnival, a very important event for the city that is found immersed in a multi-colored atmosphere.

During the whole stay, a professional photographer coming from Italy was at disposal of the group for photo shooting and shooting during all days of activity and an emotional video has been edited and reproduced during the gala dinner.

As requested by the client, a selected VIP followed the group throughout the trip by proposing an entertainment format to create a common thread and indelible memories for guests.

In addition, we managed together with the hotel the preparation of the meeting spaces for the workshop.