Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy
Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy

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Set Design and Special Set-ups for Fairs, Events and Congresses

We create innovative exhibition stands, custom designed solutions for events such as meetings and conventions, stands for exhibitions in Italy.

Thanks to the graphics and communication business unit, Target Motivation provides a service to the smallest details starting from the format of the event, adapting the set-up project for events or trade fairs to the customer's request.

Fair trade booths

We start with ideas to build more than just a stand.

Every brand must in fact be able to convey its values, tell of its projects, welcome new ideas through an exhibition space where references to the brand, and the way spaces are used, opens up to the possibility to build a winning story for the client.

Whether the trade fair is in Italy or abroad, Target Motivation and its team of designers and consultants is able to develop a modular, and most importantly reusable stand, to be re-proposed at all trade fairs in Italy and the world.

We provide a turnkey service, including stand design, logistics, attainment of permits, maintenance and dismantling.

In addition to defining the graphics and installation, we also support companies with the technological side of things: A/V, or augmented reality.

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Event set-ups

Over the years, our set designs and installations for events have focused on communicative depth that highlights sophisticated creativity combined with symbolic value, insofar as we believe in placing the communication format in direct relation with the selected space.

And this is precisely why we pursue a very clear objective: to elicit strong emotional responses from our clients. In a word, we want to “move” people.

Our projects are temporary architectural creations and installations for small, medium and large locations.

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Allestimento Green

Green and eco-sustainable installations for all industries

The projects we propose aim to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

For us, reducing the environmental impact of every event is an ethical priority. It begins with actions such as extending the life of PVC graphics used at the event to make cases, bags and other objects, creating genuinely low-impact spaces.

We forge a link between the event world and organisations working to protect the planet, and then tie it back into the concept, activities and installation.

We actively research environmentally sustainable national and international projects to develop for our clients and “corporate” projects. Our sustainable management of the event supply chain is even further proof of our commitment to the social and environmental sphere.

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Video example: aa Target Motivation fair set-up

Photogallery: some shots from Target Motivation set-ups


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