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Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy

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Technologies for the Event Organisation

We provide technology services for events, scientific congresses, symposia, conventions, company meetings and institutional events.

We start from technology to develop innovative formats.


Technology is our starting point for the development of innovative formats.

For Target Motivation, technology has forever been an important differentiating tool to successfully engage those who attend conventions, conferences and meetings/courses.

During events, dedicated apps can be used to increase the level of interaction between the speaker and participants, or technologies to support speakers during their speeches.


Dynamic presenter

Are you interested in connecting an interactive table to a large-screen video wall to increase user engagement and interact with multiple tools (presentation, video, audio and graphic tools), highlighting or commenting on the screen at the same time?

The dynamic presenter can be a great tool for introducing a new product to the market, perhaps even just launched at the event.

Holographic Screens

Holographic projection panels. Thanks to unique, cutting-edge technology, holographic rear projection panels are the perfect solution for product launches, fashion shows, immersive events and trade fairs. Bright and light, they create the illusion of suspended images and focus attention on the image itself rather than the screen.

Gesture Control RMI Holo 4

Did you know that you can equip speakers with a wearable device, which by means of gestures and without any physical controls, allows speakers to comfortably manage the presentation while standing and walking across the stage.

By simply moving their arms as if directing an orchestra, speakers can scroll through the presentation, creating greater audience engagement.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is a multimedia technology allowing light or video to be projected onto real surfaces to create artistic effects and original movements.

Web-based app for meeting and conference interaction

A web-based and responsive noticeboard, optimised for desktop and mobile use through which speakers can manage multimedia material, i.e., slides, videos, images and quizzes they wish to share with the audience.

Not only speakers, but also designated administrators can create events, manage users, send communications and manage RSVPs and reports.

An optimised web-based front-end that can be used on all devices, using which members of the audience can see what the speaker has published in real time, and even interact with them.

Target Motivation develops augmented reality solutions and virtual solutions.

Technology Support during Target Motivation's Events


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