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Successful Incentives, Events, Conferences since 1985 in Italy

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Unique events: our method

How do you imagine your event?

We organise events including:

  • Celebrations/special occasions,
  • Corporate conventions,
  • Openings,
  • Educational/training events,
  • Incentive events,
  • Media events,
  • Trade fairs,
  • Product launches,
  • Roadshows/travelling exhibitions,
  • Team building,
  • Conferences.

These events often require specific formats.

The format is the template, a canvas of the event describing its narrative, technical and stylistic elements.

The format (institutional, educational, team building, motivational, social) goes hand in hand with the type of event being organised and structured together with the client, depending on the target (dealers, sales networks, employees, suppliers and other company stakeholders, officials and institutions...).

Once the format is defined, we prepare a draft to share with the company, refine it and start enriching the event program in coordination with the client.
Target Motivation’s team of designers normally selects three proposals for the title of the event, and once the client confirms, articulates the entire project starting with its communication.

The fil rouge of the event covers the location, activities and tours to make sure everything ties in perfectly with the selected format. We can therefore propose formats with a more cultural or technological slant, or which tie in with the adventure or pleasure of discovering the flavours of the local territory.

Performance, team, speed, resourcefulness: from the concept through to the event for a truly


Without a specific starting concept, every life project, be it professional or recreational, lacks an identity, right?

The creative process and organisational machine is set in motion through briefings with the companies. The event is therefore initially based on what we know about the company, institution, entity or association requesting its organisation.Every project, in order to be defined, needs a concept.

We [custom] build your event starting from a concept.

What defines a “concept”? Lots of things:

  • the corporate aims related to the event;
  • the values associated with the brand and what it seeks to convey hand in hand with the event;
  • the guests and therefore the target audience;
  • the related communication, graphic and visual aspects to be included in the event;
  • communication and the channels that will be used to promote the event;

These are all elements that define the concept, that is, the underlying elements of your event.

At Target Motivation, we create containers with indispensable communication elements that we study together with the client.

And if defining the essential elements of your event isn’t part of the scope, we nonetheless offer valuable services:

  • organisational admin for participants;
  • restaurants/activities in parallel with the event such as excursions, guided tours and team building;
  • hotels;
  • transfers;
  • programs and graphic materials such as signage, for example;
  • hostesses;
  • translations;
  • press office services;
  • experiences;
  • technology;
  • co-marketing activities;

For each event, we create a new atmosphere, a new feeling, a new mood, and we do so together with the client, offering cross-media opportunities to create unique formats with an integrated design and a range of solutions, even technological ones, to make every event unforgettable.

Case Study: concept example


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